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Outsmart Disease: Unlocking Transfer Factors in the 21st Century

Along with the new century has come renewed fervor in the quest for immune enhancing and anti-aging alternatives that help increase overall health and longevity.

In answer to this ongoing search is a discovery that stands out among the many alternative health and pharmacology breakthroughs that became so popular in the 1900's. Today, the successful pursuit for health will include an understanding of the many benefits of transfer factors.

What are Transfer Factors?

Transfer factors are small proteins that act as vital immune factors, brought to us directly from Mother Nature.

They are not vitamins, minerals, herbs, hormones or foods. They are, as explained by William J Hennen, Ph.D., "highly concentrated immune messaging system(s), designed by nature, to transfer critical immune programming from one indvidual to another."

A group of scientists tested over 150 supplements to determined their effectiveness in boosting the immune system, specifically Natural Killer (NK) cell activity.

Test results demonstrated that two supplements tested at unsurpassed levels: Transfer Factor Advanced formula boosted NK Cell activity by 283% and Transfer Factor Advanced Plus formula boosted NK cell activity by 437%

"This is the most exciting product for the immune system that I've seen in my eighteen years of practicing medicine. Transfer Factor has literally revolutionized my practice"
kenneth singleton
Kenneth Singleton, M.D.
Lyme Disease Specialist

The Immune System and the Transfer Factor


Described as one of the most revolutionary and promising health breakthroughs today, transfer factors are breaking new ground by actually bringing together the medical and scientific communities with the alternative natural health industry. Safety issues regarding transfer factors are truly outstanding, as no adverse side effects have been reported, making transfer factors safe and effective for men, women and children of all ages. The medical research on transfer factors date back for more than 50 years. And now, after more than 3000 peer-reviewed studies and scientific papers documenting their benefits, transfer factor supplements are finally available.


"We have used products containing transfer factors for hundreds of our patients. We have seen 70% less illness and 75% less antibiotic use."
David Markowitz, M.D.

It is the responsibility of the immune system to defend the body against infection and disease, and the ever-increasing environmental factors of today's word. For this reason, it is easy to understand how important it is to maintain and build this system. In the book Transfer Factors: Nature's State-of-the-Art Immune Fortifiers, Rita Elkins states, "The use of compounds like transfer factor can significantly contribute to immune strength, which in turn determines the quality of our health and, ultimately, of our lives."

Transfer factors have been shown to boost the immune system, suppress an overactive immune system and act as a memory agents for the immune system. Transfer factor's immune strengthening abilities stretch across all facets of health to aid with everything from recurring colds and sore throats, ear infections to chronic infections and the wide range of devastating diseases. Transfer factors promise to play an enormous role in health and immunity in the future.

The importance of disease prevention through a stronger immune system is also very evident when you consider the misuse and overuse of antibiotics. "Modern medicine has produced the world's best emergency rooms, but has made few gains in preventing and treating chronic degenerative diseases." According to Richard P. Huemer, M.D., of Vancouver, Washington, "Doctors are taught that diseases have well-defined causes that respond to well-defined treatments. The problem with this approach is that diseases are most easily defined in their late stages, far past the opportunity for prevention."¹


"Immune imbalance underlies many chronic illnesses. Because transfer factors can function as immune modulators, they can help restore immune system balance in many types of clinical situations"
WhatsApp Image 2016-12-23 at 14.10.53
Kenneth Bock, M.D.
Progressive Medicine

According to the U.S. News Online, even back in the 40's, scientists knew that the more an antibiotic is used, the quicker it becomes useless. While most bacteria exposed to the drug are killed, the fittest survive and pass survival traits to their offspring. With continued use of the antibiotic, the resistant bugs proliferate. Bacteria that have become resistant to one antibiotic also seem to find it easier to build resistance to others. Antibiotics are only effective in the treatment of bacterial infections. They have absolutely zero impact on viruses such as colds, flu, bronchitis, or other viral infections.² Is there any question that strong and vigilant immune systems are absolutely necessary for today and the future?

The further we step into the future the greater the need we will have for a natural "superpower" like transfer factors. Transfer factors can be prepared from a few sources, one of the most promising commercial source being from colostrum.³ Immune enhancing transfer factors are sourced from bovine (cow) colostrum and isolated through a patented extraction process. These transfer factors then provide our bodies with all of the the immune information the cow has gained in its lifetime, including all of the foreign invaders it has encountered. This powerful supplement gives us a unique advantage in the war against illness and disease.

As we step into the 21st century, transfer factors are sure to be a leader among the discoveries made in biotechnology, promoting health and longevity in a way that is unprecedented thus far.


"Transfer factors are in the same class as your most potent vitamins. You need them all the time. Everyone needs them. Not only you as an adult, but also your children and pets. And they're safe. I have not had a single side effect related to the use of transfer factors."
vivienne matalon
Vivienne Matalon, M.D.
¹Challem, Jack, "Going Mainstream: What's Driving the Vitamin Movement." Nutrition Science News, July 1997
³Hennen, William J., Ph.D, "Natural Immune Booster-Transfer Factor." Pleasant Grove, Utah: Woodland Publishing: 1998 p.37