Transfer factors are tiny natural molecules found in all mammals and birds in the body that transfer critical immune information to our cells. They work across species barriers-from animal to person or animal to animal-to give naive immune system the knowledge it needs.
In 1949, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence determined that an immune response could be transferred from a donor to a recipient through a white blood cell extract. He concluded that the extract contained a factor capable of transferring the donor's immunity information to the recipient and named the substance transfer factor.
It was first noticed that when newborn cows didn't or couldn't nurse, they often quickly died. Infection, and not starvation, was usually the cause. Researchers realized that the mother was passing immunity information to the calf after birth and that the only means could be transfer factors in her milk. It was then realized that birds must a similar mechanism for passing immunity on to their own young.
Both chicken and cows live mainly outside, where they eat off the ground, drink from shared water sources, endure varying weather conditions and contend with the challenges of communal living. This leaves them exposed to a variety of germs, bacteria and viruses, which their immune systems must battle and then remember in order for them to stay healthy. It's the heroic nature of their immune systems, needed for survival that makes them ideal donors for transfer factors. Because transfer factors can be shared safely and effectively from human to human, chicken to human or cow to human, either source alone offers excellent immune support. Combined, they offer the broadest range of immune support available.
4Life uses both the cow and chicken to obtain transfer factors that provide a wide range of immune support. For targeted support, 4life uses egg sources specially farmed to benefit specific body systems. 4Life licenses the cow colostrum patent. And 4Life pioneered extracting transfer factors from chicken eggs and holds the patent and has patents pending on this source. 4Life has streamlined the extraction processes, which concentrate the power of transfer factors in unique and innovative supplements that help strengthen the immune system.
Unlike dried egg yolk or cow colostrum, 4Life's Transfer Factor E-XF contains concentrated transfer factors. Through patented processes, 4Life separates transfer factors actors from the other components in egg yolks and cow colostrum to capture a broader range of immune-enhancing transfer factors. Dried eggs or cow colostrum alone may contain only small amounts of actual transfer factors along with other compounds. In addition, Transfer Factor E-XF goes through a special stabilization process to protect their effectiveness.
Transfer factors are a natural molecule and have been safely used in supplement form for many years. Throughout the history of transfer factors use, there have been no reports of serious adverse reactions, even when clinically administered in excess or with normal doses given over many years.
In the 50 years since Dr. Lawrence's pioneering work on transfer factors, an estimated $40 million has been spent on scientific research and hundreds of scientific papers written that document its effectiveness. Several independent books have also been authored. Independent studies have also shown the ability of 4Life Transfer Factor products to increase immune system effectiveness.
Yes. Studies conducted by the Russian Academy of Medical Science show that 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula boosts immune activity by 283% and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula boosts it 437%! The study compared 4Life Transfer products to individual herbs and ingredients known to improve immune response such as noni, dry cow colostrum, echinacea, and others. An earlier study showed that 4Life Transfer Factor Classic boosted NK cell activity 103%.
Everyone who needs an extra immune boost, needs to suppress an overactive immune system or who simply wants to maintain their everyday health benefits from taking 4Life Transfer Factor products.
Unlike the antibodies and proteins found in egg yolks and colostrum alone, transfer factors readily survive the digestion process and are easily absorbed. Stomach acids and digestive enzymes won't degrade their potency.
Yes. Transfer factors themselves are non-allergenic. 4Life's extraction process avoids or removes common allergens in egg and colostrum sources. Any remaining lactose in colostrum-derived transfer factors is far below the amounts that typically cause reactions. (As precaution, people with allergies specifically to egg yolks, should check with their physician before taking 4Life Products with Transfer Factor E-XF or Targeted Transfer Factor.)
4Life Transfer Factor products that contain only transfer factors are safe for infants and children up to 18 years of age. Transfer factors were, in fact, designed by nature for newborns. 4Life offers 4Life Transfer Factor Kids® just for children, which combines the power of Transfer Factor XF with 22 essential vitamins and minerals in tasty, chewable tablets that provide the immune and nutritional support that growing kids need.
The transfer factors you received as an infant helped educate and strengthen your naive immune system. But, immune cells regularly die and are replaced, so the ongoing protection from transfer factors lasts only a short time. Because today, more than ever, we're exposed to new immune challenges, regularly taking transfer factors to strengthen your immune system is critical to your health.
Our bodies create new immune cells almost every day, which need instruction. To meet this need, 4Life Transfer Factor products should be used daily to give the immune system the continual support it needs to recognize and respond to new and emerging health threats. 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula, 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula and 4Life Transfer Factor Classic can safely be combined with Targeted Transfer Factor products to optimize overall immunity as well to target specific systems.
4Life offers a chewable version of 4Life Transfer Factor. Transfer factor is also available in a liquid formula, power-packed with the most potent antioxidants. It is called Riovida, the River of Life. Riovida contains acai berry, pomegranate, elderberry, blueberry, purple grapes, apple juice, lactoferin and vitamin C. It is immune support, with free radical scavenging properties, energizing and anti-aging!
Today, almost all immune system products on the market (vitamins, minerals, and herbs) have one thing in common: they provide temporary nutrition. However, the best long-term solution for an active, balanced immune system response is information. 4Life Transfer Factor works with your body's immune system in a unique way. It teaches your immune system to recognize, respond to, and remember potential invaders.* Looking beyond simple nutrition to providing vital information is a profound paradigm shift, and only 4Life Transfer Factor products leverage this innovative approach.
Transfer factors are some of the most unique molecules in your body. They carry important messages to immune cells. Transfer factors help the immune system to: 1 Recognize. Transfer factors help immune cells quickly identify invading threats. 2 Respond. Transfer factors help speed up the immune system’s response to a potential threat after it’s been identified. Remember. Transfer factors lend a hand in remembering the specific makeup of the threats your immune system encounters, so the next time it’s encountered, your body knows exactly what it is and how to combat it.*
Healthy foods provide your body with important nutrients that provide strength. Immune cells need this nutrition, but they also need education. 4Life Transfer Factor provides information to help immune cells know how to keep your immune system running at peak performance.*
Yes. The extraction process for transfer factors from chicken egg yolk is protected by U.S. Patent 6,468,534. Exclusive combination techniques for transfer factors from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk are protected by U.S. Patent 6,866,868.