Doctors Answer Important Questions

"No. Transfer factors are the 'power part' of colostrum and contain thousands of transfer factor molecules to fight off infection and disease. Transfer factor supplements are vastly more concentrated than colostrum alone. You would have to consume the equivalent of many quarts of colostrum to receive the same benefit of one transfer factor capsule. Bovine colostrum contains antibodies that our bodies can't absorb. In fact, the body will mount an immune response against them. Transfer factor extracts are the most powerful part of colostrum and give our bodies the immune boost, balance and information we need most. Because transfer factors are not species specific, transfer factors from bovine colostrum will work just as well within our bodies."

Richard Bennett, M.D.

"Transfer factors were designed by Nature specifically for newborns. Because of that, you can feel good giving transfer factors to your children, even to infants. And in fact, you should! Transfer factor supplements produced under a patented process are tested to ensure the highest quality and safety possible."

Rob Robertson, M.D.
"Transfer factors are unlike anything we've seen in a long time. They were designed to be important communication tools for the immune system. Unlike many other natural immune boosters that add soldiers to the immune army, transfer factors give the immune general classified information about the enemy. The result is better equipped, smarter and more efficient fighting machine."

"We all do! Our immune systems are constantly bombarded with circumstances that threaten our health. Stress, poor diet, pollution, chronic illness and not enough exercise all take their toll. Due to the unique nature in which transfer factors function, studies show that they may be of assistance in helping our bodies deal with these problems. Transfer factors are well tolerated, safe and effective for people of all ages. If you have an immune system, (and all of us do), you may indeed benefit from transfer factor support."

Cynthia Olson, N.D.
"Over 3000 papers have been written on transfer factors since they were first discovered in 1949. The benefits of transfer factors have been reviewed and the proceedings of the Eleventh International Symposium on Transfer Factor have been published. These reports cover the successful use of transfer factors in addressing viral, parasitic, fungal, malignant, neurological and autoimmune diseases. Many serious illnesses are the result of immune imbalance. Because transfer factors can function as immune system modulators, they are capable of helping to restore immune system balance in many types of chronic diseases." - WHR