4Life Transfer Factor® Becomes The First Dietary Supplement Approved for use in Hospitals in Russia

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In a historic move, the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation has given its first-and currently only-approval to a dietary supplement for use in comprehensive health care practice to 4Life Transfer Factor Classic and 4Life's Transfer Factor Plus, International. The approval opens the way for the use of these 4Life Products as immune modulators in Russian hospitals and clinics and allows and encourages Russian physicians to freely recommend them to their patients.

"To my knowledge, this is the first time in the history of industry that a network marketing company has had one of its dietary supplements received approval from the Russian Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health is the equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. This approval establishes a new roll of dietary supplements in the Russian health care system."
David Lisonbee
4Life Chief Executive Officer

For 4Life Distributors around the world, the Russian approval opens the door on new markets and possibilities. The approval gives 4Life Products unprecedented credibility in Russia, which will further broaden the professional and private sectors' acceptence of 4Life Transfer Factor products as superior immune-enhancing supplements. The Russian Federation's hospitals, clinics, physicians and population of 140 million are now prime prospects for becoming both 4Life Customers and Distributors.

Diamond Distributor Boriz Ezhov from Novosibirsh, Latvia summed up the excitement felt by himself and others by saying...

"I have not felt bubbles like this in my blood for years."
Boriz Ezhov
Novosibirsh, Latvia
"Around the world there is an ever growing need for effective supplements to support the immune system's ability to recognize and act against harmful invaders. The need, coupled with the opportunity to promote 4Life Transfer Factor products creates an excellent opportunity for 4Life Distributors. The Ministry's approval demonstrates that a dietary supplement, such as 4Life Transfer Factor, can be scientifically proven and generally accepted, just as vitamins and minerals have been accepted around the world."
calvin mccausland
Dr. Calvin McCausland
Former 4Life Research Vice President of Research & Development

4Life Transfer Factor Classic and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus, International are the products 4Life currently has registered for sale and use in the Russian Federation. As 4Life moves forward to register the new advanced formulas in Russia, even greater momentum and increased excitement is anticipated in this growing market.